Director of Product Solutions

Chris Bangs was one of the original founders of ActionCore, LenderHost, and founded the SMB Professionals Group in 2007.

Chris has served as a top sales/marketing educator and motivator to the retail, financial, and real estate industries. Through his classroom curriculum, seminars, webinars, and products, he has trained literally thousands of salespersons all over the United States.

For several years Mr. Bangs was involved in the production, distribution, and marketing of the popular SMBPC Magazine reached over 60,000 SMB IT Pros and the SMBPC newsletter which reached over 22,000 SMB IT Professionals.

Chris has worked closely with many well-known technology companies including:

AT&T, Avalara, AVG, CARBONITE, CompTIA, DELL, EPSON, ESET, IBM, Intel, Jabra, Kasperski, Lenovo, Linksys, Logitec, Maxtor, Microsoft, McAfee, Seagate, Symantec, Trend Micro, Vonage, Webroot, and many more.

Specialties: Sales, sales training, marketing, advertising, account acquisition, education and testing, organizational restructuring, general executive management, large team management, mass training systems, online educational & technical processes. Graphic and web design.