Best in Class Managed Technology Solutions

ActionCore Technology provides one-stop Managed IT and Consulting Services for a comprehensive group of Technology solutions including infrastructure, security, virus protection, secure storage, system virtualization, business continuity, multi-layered backup protection, SharePoint, Web Management, SEO & Social Integration, Print Management, vendor management and help desk.

We realize that technology can be challenging and severely tax your time and resources. At ActionCore we do things a little differently. While we provide best in class technology solutions to fit your specific needs, we also pay special attention to simplifying the interactions between your staff and the technology they use everyday. By improving the human experience, we facilitate improved moral and decreased frustration leading to a stronger culture and increased productivity. Our specially designed technology deployments are designed and configured to be user friendly for non technical staff, letting you and your staff focus on growing your business. Our UI’s (user interfaces) are simple and straightforward and we work with your staff directly so that everyone understands their role. With our custom engineered easy to manage solutions we provide the right solution for your business without adding overpowered hardware or non-beneficial bundled services. In this way we are able to engineer more effective solutions at a fraction of the price of our our competitors. Give us a call and ask us how you can qualify for a no-cost network assessment.

ActionCore, We do IT right.